Annual New Year card

Each year I like to make a special card to send to friends and family around the world. Its a good discipline in the run up to Christmas to keep being creative. I aim to create a card that is simple, yet has depth, to arrest the recipient even for a moment.

2021 – MMXXI

Twenty twenty one’s card posed some challenges owing to being unable to reach the Print Museum due to Covid lockdown. Having doodled quite a few mornings while sitting in the early morning light a few concepts emerged before I settled on the below. The card is a tip of the hat to old pocket watches with their Roman numerals. I took a URW stock typeface in Illustrator and tinkered with the serifs joining them up, until I was happy with the balance and overall aesthetic.

To print easily at home I chose to order a hand stamp 30mm x 10mm in size. I hoped the resolution would hold for the card itself. Registration proved to be a bit tricky but I devised a quick way to ensure I was roughly in position. Wabi sabi prevails. The batch of 50 was knocked out fairly fast, printing the front and subsequently the back in separate runs.

While I was ordering the hand stamp I though it might be useful to order a chop with the Plimsoll Press logo on it. This will be covered in another post.

2020 – Two Zero Two Zero

This card was printed in The National Print Museum. More to follow on this when I get a chance.